Madurai Realestate

Madurai a well known city in Southern Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples and jasmine flowers. The city has grown widely in the recent years. Property in Madurai city has certain restrictions on the height of the buildings. Hence the real estate in Madurai is expanding with new buildings rather than adding up storey on the existing buildings. The city is well developed, thanks to the growing wealth. The infra structure of the city is also well developed with good transport system. The mini bus services running in the city is a major advantage connecting the city with it suburbs. The city is also growing well in the IT and BPO sectors.

The state government has passed a law for the Madurai city regarding the height restrictions of the buildings in Madurai. According to this, all the property in Madurai must have height of the building within 1 Km radius from Meenakshi temple shouldn't exceed nine meters and shouldn't exceed more than fifteen meters up to the city limit.

Madurai Real estate and its suburbs

The real estate developers in Madurai agree with not extending the height of the building more than nine meters near the Meenakshi temple, they report that it is gibberish to restrict the height of the building in elsewhere of the city. Irrespective of the complaints made by the developers the height restriction in the city remains. Hence the city is growing horizontally rather than growing vertically.

The Madurai suburbs are also growing widely with the real estate developers occupying the Madurai suburbs for building up the residential units. The Madurai suburbs with very tall coconut trees, paddy fields are the perfect place for a serene place to live with family. Gated communities are coming up in the Madurai realestate suburbs. The mini bus services running in the city and suburbs make transport easy for the Madurai residents.

The city is famous for the high court branch in the northern suburbs of the city which serves the southern cities of Tamil Nadu. The presence of High Court branch in Madurai is one of the main reasons behind the increased price of the real estate market in Madurai. The real estate in Madurai has risen at least double the times with the investment in property in Madurai IT and good infrastructure.

State government sponsored IT parks have laid their foundation in the Madurai city. The developers are looking to explore these IT areas as they are a better commercial space in Madurai. Added advantage is the four way road running in this area connecting the Chennai capital city and the southern tip Kanyakumari. This area also has a well developed bus station. Altogether the IT park area in Madurai is an expensive real estate property. The Madurai Kamaraj University located in the Southern part of the city has also contributed towards the witnessed growth in the real estate market. The city also houses many arts, science and engineering college. The number of engineering graduates coming out from the Madurai city is about 15000 with 6000 of them going out to Chennai and Bangalore for employment.

In the residential area of Madurai realestate the price per sq ft ranges from 1000 Rupees to 3000 Rupees. There is large number of real estate developers in Madurai doing quality homes improving the standard of living in Madurai.