Trichy real estate news

Trichy also known as Tiruchirapalli (formerly known as Trichinopoly under British rule) is a city situated on the banks of the Kaveri River. Trichy a city well known for its temples and heritage is the heart of TamilNadu. Trichy is one of the beautiful cities of TamilNadu famous since the English period. It is said the former English Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill was very fond of the Tiruchirapalli( Trichy) Cigars . The famous landmark in Trichy is the Rock Fort. The Ganesh temple is located on top of the Rock Fort. The Fort was once used as military fort by the nayaks for a certain period. In recent years; Trichy is becoming very famous for the real estate market. Trichy real estate is coming up in news papers headlines for being one of the best cities to invest in the real estate market. Buying a house or a plot in Trichy is the latest growing interests among the investors. Below are the reasons to justify Trichy is the best city for investment.

Demands for plots in Trichy Real estate

Trichy is becoming the ground for IT parks. Nationwide IT companies have laid their foundation for the production of IT products in Trichy. IT companies are striving hard to find plots in Trichy but only few well recognized IT companies have been able to reserve plots in Trichy city. Many multinational companies including BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), Ordinance Factory, Railway Workshop and Dalmia Cements can be found in Trichy. Trichy is also a city with hundreds of small scale industries mostly found around Thuvakudi and Mathur. With increased demand for the plots in Trichy real estate, prices of apartments in Trichy are going up enormously in the region of Navalpattu.

The premier business school of India, The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) has been started in Trichy by covering the large sq.ft area in Trichy real estate. This has added to the credit of Trichy of being one of the top educational centers of South India. The IIT along with IT hub of Trichy has attracted graduates and employees and also investors. Investors have gone ahead with the plans of bringing up Hotels, Hostels, rented houses to meet the rising demands.

The new bus stand in Manikandam on the Trichy- Madurai highway is becoming the landmark in Trichy with its well developed infra structure of the bus stand. With all these positive aspects of Trichy, the Trichy real estate market is booming high and no doubt it will reach the sky like a rocket. Acquisition of a land in Trichy real estate today will be a great move for a better investment.

Residential real estate properties in Trichy:

Trichy realestate with good health, quality education and wonderful infrastructure has attracted Trichy real estate developers from not only Trichy but also from other neighboring areas of the city. With increased demand from the apartments in Trichy, Trichy real estate developers are doing quality homes. There are many real estate developers in Trichy promoting areas with price ranging from Rs. 2000 per sq ft.

The residential properties are coming up in the airport road, Tanjore road, Bypass road, Thilai Nagar, K K Nagar, Samayapuram temple town and Cantonment areas. Among the NRIs, ex-military officers and retired people, Samayapuram is a hot spot with serene residential spaces. Apart from these people the IT staffs, local businessmen and bank staffs are purchasing plots and houses in Trichy.

In the residential area of Madurai realestate the price per sq ft ranges from 1000 Rupees to 3000 Rupees. There is large number of real estate developers in Madurai doing quality homes improving the standard of living in Madurai.